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Lost in Translation (2009-present)

choreographed and performed by: rosa and joey

A theatrical Post Modern/Contemporary dance where a fluent Spanish speaker and a bilingual English/Spanish speaker perform the process of constructing choreography through means of physical and language translation. Emphasizing the importance of process and product, both Rosa and Joey problem-solve "choreographic" and language desmadre (messiness) on the spot by offering/negotiating/adapting to a series of ideas that result in the de/construction and re-purposing of their dynamic partnership. 

lo bailamos en... / we danced it at...

Performatica; Auditorio de la Universidad De Las Americas Puebla, Cholula, MX

La Jolla WOW Festival; Bread & Salt, San Diego, CA

Blaktina Festival Fundraiser; Urban Press Winery, Burbank, CA

Mardi Gras Bal Bootleg's 10 Year Anniversary; Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles, CA (video)

4x4 Tijuana Night; Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUR), Baja California, MX (photo footage)

4x4 Tijuana Night; Terraza Palominos, Baja California, MX

FLACC Dance Festival; Mission Dance Theater, San Francisco, CA (video)

SALTA + AUNTS presents; Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA (video)

Blaktina Dance Festival; Zuzi! Theater, Tucson, AZ 

Blaktina Dance Festival; Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles, CA (video)

Indigenous Choreographers at Riverside Project; Culver Center of the Arts, Riverside, CA (video)

Border Occurencias/Occurrences Fronterizas; MFA Thesis, UC Riverside Lab 166, Riverside, CA (video)

HS Sharing, A.B. Miller Gym Studio, Fontana, CA (video)

Dance XChange; Old Town Temecula Community Theater, Temecula, CA

9 Mexican American Stories; A.B. Miller Theater, Fontana, CA 


barbie and the gun (2009)

choreographed and performed by: rosa and joey

.90cents a piece; A.B. Miller Theater, Fontana, CA

Dynamically performed by by a gay man, a straight women, a barbie doll and a toy gun, this Contemporary/Theatrical piece sources from cultural experiences growing up as first generation Mexican Americans in the U.S. and the in-home gendered modalities taught by our immigrant parents. 

ojos (2008)

choreographed and performed by: rosa and joey

Culver Center of the Arts, UCR, ICR, Indigenous Choreographers Residence, rosa and joey dance, Lost in Translation
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